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We hold the honor of being the foremost online and individualized learning platform in India. Justification for choosing Skillzee.
Skillzee, a leader in education in India, facilitates connections between students and qualified instructors in a wide range of subjects and grade levels. Recognizing the critical nature of tutor selection among a substantial database comprising more than 3.5 hundred job postings per month and an extensive network of more than 30,000 tutors, we provide a wealth of functionalities—including streamlined filters and preference options—to expedite the process and conserve your valuable time.

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Locating a home tutor near me location has never been easier. Whether you’re in the bustling heart of Delhi or its outskirts, our platform facilitates the search for a suitable home tutor in your vicinity. Simply enter your location, and we’ll connect you with experienced tutors nearby, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

About us

We are here to help parents raise happy and healthy children

We at Skillzee are partners in your child’s journey toward pleasure and good health; we are not just a home tutoring service. We believe that academic and life success are more likely to result from a child’s happiness. Our instructors possess a deeper understanding of the importance of growing confidence, adaptability, and a positive mindset than mere educators. They act as mentors.

Together, we will create a future in which your child not only achieves educational achievements but also develops the mindset and skills necessary for facing the challenges of life. Let us collaborate in the upbringing of joyful, healthy children who are prepared to confront the world.


Today, enroll your child in our in-home tutoring service and personally observe the profound change that occurs. Make the initial move toward a more promising future for your child by contacting us at +91 9810209935, +91 9667100756 to arrange a consultation.


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